Thursday, February 2, 2017

There's a break now and then in this blog, as I am busy with so many projects.  On my main one, the next book, I have completed a prologue and the first chapter, and made an outline of the remaining chapters.  I have also completed the organizing of a new book of my poetry to be called Come Home and it is in the process leading to publication now.  I have re-organized my work day to include some time on other projects - my novel and an autobiography, for the more distant future.  Here is the intro to the poetry book:


My first book of verse, Grandfather Speaks, gathered poem I had written out of my experience as a Wampanoag relating to my own and other native cultures of North America.  My second, Birch Cottage and 36 Views of Mt Monadnock, issued out of the experience of living many decades in the woods of southern New Hampshire.  Now for this book I have gathered other poem still unpublished and have found they could comfortably fit into eight sections.  Eight departments of my mind.

It seems to me that people write poetry much as birds sing.  They sing to themselves, they sing to the world around them, they sting to stake their territory there, they sing to let others know they are there – and so do I.  It may have no purpose, but it is in our nature so sing we must whether or not anyone hears or cares.  The song may be sweet, gritty or harsh still in their way beautiful.  Whoever you may be I am grateful you are here and listening, and I invite you to delve further in my other writings on my website

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