Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Book: Have You Lost Your Tribe?

Manitonquat's latest book Have You Lost You Tribe? is now available to order.

Description (from the back of the book):
Paradise on earth - your own idea of the very best life for you and your family. Is it possible or only a dream? This book shows it is not only possible but actually happening now all over the world in communities where thousands are now actively engaged in creating the life of their dreams. Manitonquat, a Wampanoag elder, storyteller, philosopher, poet and communitarian, shares his perspective as a tribal person that we are all tribal people. Human beings became human when they came together for mutual support and protection. For a hundred thousand years we evolved the best social system - the circle of equals, where all were respected, honored and supported. Most people today have little hope to affect a culture where a few own and control the resources of the world and its governments and are now destroying the environment through a global economy that makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, and all of us mere consumers and spectators. Quietly a few people have begun to leave that system and create free societies of people supporting each other and living sustainably close to the Earth, taking responsibility for making the best life for their children. As you read this book you may long for that too, and you will learn how you can do it. We can do it. Together there is nothing we cannot do. It is time.

It is time for us to settle and find our place on this Earth.

It is time to make a safe, free and loving home for our children.

It is time for a new world of compassion, peace and beauty.

It is time for a new vision of humankind.

It is time for the Age of Flowers.

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