Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Tell Us Is Possible

I awoke this morning just bursting with love. Overflowing, like a fountain. Love for you. Love for our family, our circle. Love for life, for this Earth and all creatures.

I’m looking at my schedule, eagerly planning and thinking of when I may see you again and how we may meet, at least like this, electronically, wherever we are. How I want to hear about your life and understand better how I may help you – help you to make your life more wonderful, more full of love and of joy. How to excite the dreams and the hope in you and in all of us.

Here is my way to do that today. A vision, a dream, a promise of tomorrow.

We have been separated so long we are numbed by the pain of it. But all over the world people are beginning to realize that it is isolation that is the cause of all our suffering, the cause of the fear that smothers our love, the cause of war and violence, of oppression and cruelty, greed and poverty, crime and punishment. Where this is happening, in all the circles where we come together to listen to each other’s loves and fears, we are entering a new age – an Age of Reunion.

“I cannot predict how the Age of Reunion will unfold in linear time. I do know, however, that by the end of our lifetimes, my generation will live in a world unimaginably more beautiful than the one we were born into. And it will be a world that is palpably improving year after year. We will reforest the Greek isles, denuded over two thousand years ago. We will restore the Sahara Desert to the rich grassland it once was. Prisons will no longer exist, and violence will be a rarity. Work will be about, ‘How may I best give of my gifts?’ instead of, ‘How can I make a living?’ Crossing a national border will be an experience of being welcomed, not examined. Mines and quarries will barely exist, as we reuse the vast accumulation of materials from the industrial age. We will live in dwellings that are extensions of ourselves, eat food grown by people who know us, and use articles that are the best that people in the full flow of their talents could make them.  We will live in a richness of intimacy and community that hardly exists today, that we know, because of longing in the heart, must exist. And most of the time, the loudest noises we hear will be the sound of nature and the laughter of children.”

The above words in quotation marks are not mine, although you will recognize me in every thought, and I know you will also recognize yourself there as well, because you all write to me and tell me I am saying just what you are also thinking and feeling. 

This quotation is from a writer named Charles Eisenstein whom I recommend to your immediate attention - visit him at www.charleseisenstein.net. Eisenstein has licensed his writings under what is called a Creative Commons copyright. That means it is free for anyone to reprint with credit to the author, but not for sale or to endorse anything for sale.  It is a model of the Sacred Economics he describes in his book of the same name.

Those words are from the conclusion of that book, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Tell Us Is Possible,” which is also the title of his latest book. Read that passage again, savor it, talk with your beloveds about it, weep over it, laugh over it, print it and frame it, send it to everyone you know with the thought, This is where we are all going –together.


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