Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Land I Dream Of

The land that I dream of “over the Rainbow” is one that takes us all back to our true nature, that preserves our goodness and innocence.  We get to the kingdom of heaven by becoming again  “like unto one of these” - our little children.  Because it is in our nature to want to be helpful, we come to the circle to help each other, and also to help and preserve the harmony of life and honor the profound depth of our need for the beauty of this Earth,  our beloved mother.  We keep our circles small enough to be able to speak to one another from our hearts and listen to one another from our souls.  We want to live in love without fear and so trust one another and cast out all fear with that perfect love which is our birthright.

We do not have institutions and systems to care for us, we care for us.  Our circles joined in community provide the closeness we as human beings need: we teach each other and heal each other.  Together we teach how to help make life more wonderful for every one in our circles.  How to go deeper in relationships and solve together the issues of our bodies, minds, hearts and souls; how to prepare for the role of parenting; how to care for our children in ways that enhance our love and their freedom to explore the world and become the most and best of who they can be; how to work together with joy and fun; to study and learn more and more of our world and the universe; to play and create beautiful things and enrich our lives together with song and story and dance.

We want to learn from our children as they learn from us.  We want to learn how to be better teachers of each other and our children.  We want to reach out to others beyond our circles, to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for orphans and those with reduced capacities to care for themselves, to provide comfort and assistance and an honoring to those nearing the end of their journeys and enjoy the links with our history that our elders carry.  We want to celebrate together the passages of life and the seasons of our lives.

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