Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here We Go Into 2011!

Wishing each other a Happy New Year. We deserve it. You deserve it. It is not wrong to be happy. Your happy expression gives everyone a lift. If they are a bit depressed your happiness provides a contrast that helps them discharge. And you an sympathetic. Because you are happy.

There is a lot of misery in the world, but your being miserable wont help that at all. Being happy, you are balanced, calm, confident and clear to do things that help reduce human misery: oppression injustice, violence, for starters. Being happy you have a lot of love to give. Which, as we know, is “what the world needs now.”

Hope is reborn with the New Year. With good reason. The world has had a couple of wake-up jolts in the past decade. The terrible tragedies in New York and Washington in 2001 woke us to world-wide terrorism, affecting us still, how we live and how we travel. Our response has caused death and destruction to thousands without reducing the threat – in fact, spreading it wider.

And the unchecked greed in our system caused an economic crash that has thrown millions out of work and made thousands lose their homes, causing global suffering, anger and confusion

Now more and more people are aware that things are wrong and are looking for reasons and answers. And more people are communicating through the Internet and the media.  Information, facts and opinions fly further and faster than ever before in our evolution.

There’s lots of discussion. Lots of argument. And that’s good. But perhaps why we need most is to focus on our areas of agreement. And there we have great reason to hope. Because fundamentally all human beings want the same things. Everyone wants peace. Freedom. Security. Basic human needs – to be warm and dry and rested and nourished and healthy, and to have these things for our children and loved ones.

We only differ in how to achieve thee. But since everyone wants them it would make sense to support each other and help each other.

Jesus said, love your enemy. I say listen to your enemy and you both will discover you are not enemies.

Meanwhile let us just refuse to be enemies.

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